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Pinned Article RingCentral Account Set Up

How to setup RingCentral account

Pinned Article RingCentral Make or Answer a Phone Call

RingCentral allows users to make and receive calls from the computer desktop, mobile app, or desk phone.

Pinned Article RingCentral Set User Hours

RingCentral allows users to modify account settings based on work hours or after hours. Business hours only apply to phone calls, not fax or text.

Pinned Article RingCentral Sign In

Instructions to sign in to RingCentral

RingCentral Account Management - Call Queue Managers and Individuals

RingCentral allows call queue managers as well as individuals to modify account settings for maximum functionality.

RingCentral App for Desktop: Teams

RingCentral Teams can be created by any RingCentral user. Teams can be public or private.

RingCentral Conference Call

There may be times where you need to hold a call with two or more people.

RingCentral Install on a Android mobile device

Instructions on how to install RingCentral on a Android mobile device.

RingCentral Install on a iOS mobile device

Instructions on how to install RingCentral on a iOS mobile device.

RingCentral Messages and Notifications

The Messaging Notifications feature has several options to be notified of voicemail, fax, or text messages. This article provides instructions on how to set up messaging notification settings of a user extension in the RingCentral online account.

RingCentral Return to Work on Campus FAQs

Frequently asked questions for RingCentral users transitioning from remote work back to campus

RingCentral Status

RingCentral app statuses allow you to communicate your activities to your co-workers and are completely customizable and specific about your activities.

RingGroups & Call Queues in RingCentral

RingCentral offers two options for groups of individuals to assist with answer a "mainline" for a department: RingGroups and Call Queues.