Return to Work on Campus with RingCentral FAQs

If you are are currently using RingCentral as you work remotely, please see the list of frequently asked questions below to prepare using RingCentral while on campus.

I’ve been using RingCentral while working remotely, but now I am returning to campus. What do I need to do in order to make and receive calls?
We’re asking that staff and faculty that had RingCentral while working remotely also use RingCentral at work on campus. The RingCentral desktop app is already installed on most desktops (PCs and Macs) on campus.
How do I make calls from RingCentral while on campus?
The RingCentral desktop app is already installed on most desktops (PCs and Macs) on campus. A microphone on your computer is required to make and receive calls via your desktop.

  1. Click the RingCentral icon on your workstation desktop to launch the app.
  2. Click Single Sign-On.
  3. Enter your TWU email address. If prompted to also log in via Google, please enter your TWU email address and password.
  4. The app will launch and you are now ready to take calls. 
  • If you prefer to take calls using the RingCentral mobile app, you may continue to do so since all RingCentral apps work in concert with each other.
  • If you prefer to take calls via the Chrome web browser, you may continue to do so as well.

I want to continue using RingCentral on campus, but I do not have a microphone. What can I do?
Many headsets with microphones and webcams are compatible with RingCentral. If you have a personal or TWU department-provided headset with microphone (such as a Logitech headset, iPhone earbuds, or gaming headset), these can be used with RingCentral. If you do not have a microphone and are unable to purchase one through your department, you may use the RingCentral mobile app on a mobile device. If this is also not an option, please contact the Service Desk to discuss your voice options. IT Solutions is unable to provide audio equipment at this time.

What if I want to use my personal headset, headphone, or earbuds?
If your personal audio device has a microphone, you can use it for RingCentral, but IT Solutions can’t support personal audio devices if issues arise.  

My physical phone is still sitting on top of my desk. Do I use this with RingCentral?
No, your old phone is not connected to RingCentral. RingCentral is a voice-over-IP voice solution and calls are made via the various RingCentral apps. RingCentral calls should be made via the RingCentral App (on your workstation desktop), RingCentral Mobile (on your mobile device), or via the Chrome browser (log into your RingCentral account at
If I need to make a call over my physical phone on my desk, what will happen?
Outbound calls can still be made over the physical phone, however, if your TWU phone number was forwarded to RingCentral while working remotely, know that inbound calls will ring to RingCentral and not the physical desk phone.
I want to use my physical phone rather than my computer or headset to make calls. How can I do that?
IT Solutions is currently working with RingCentral to provide faculty and staff with physical desk phones that will work directly with RingCentral. New physical phones will be available once we transition the campus to RingCentral. Until then, please use the RingCentral apps on your desktop, mobile device, or Chrome browser.

My colleague would like to use RingCentral right now but they do not have an account. How can they make calls via RingCentral?
IT Solutions is currently working with RingCentral to develop an implementation plan for all three TWU campuses. Until we have a plan in place, we are temporarily postponing any new user, department, or group additions to the new system.

I have a RingCentral account but my TWU phone number was not forwarded to RingCentral while working remotely. I am getting calls on both my physical desk phone and my RingCentral apps.
Please contact the Service Desk to let IT Solutions know about your situation. The Service Desk will place a ticket to request forwarding to RingCentral. This will centralize all of your calls and voicemails to RingCentral.

I’m having issues and I’m not able to use RingCentral while on campus. How can I make and receive calls?
Please contact the Service Desk to let IT Solutions know about your situation. We will work through any special circumstances to ensure that you have a voice solution during the campus transition.

I’m using RingCentral on campus but calls ring on my PC and on my mobile or tablet at the same time. I just want calls to ring on my PC while I’m in the office.
While on campus, sign out of the RingCentral app on each smart devices that you prefer not to take calls during business hours. To set this, open the app on your device and click your profile and click Sign Out. 

How do I call other TWU internal extensions?
RingCentral is not connected to our current voice systems (PBX and ACD). To reach other TWU extensions or to transfer calls to other TWU extensions, please enter the full 10 digit number to establish the call.

How does 911 emergency calling work with RingCentral on campus?
At this time, we highly encourage you to not call 911 from the RingCentral mobile app or from your office PC. All emergency calls should be placed on a TWU phone while on campus. 

RingCentral is asking me to verify my emergency contact information each time I log in. Since I am working on campus now, what do I enter?
We encourage RingCentral users to update their RingCentral account with their current location information. If you are working from campus, please use the mailing address for your office. If the RingCentral system does not recognize your building’s address, please use the main address for your campus:

  • 304 Administration Dr., Denton, TX 76204
  • 5500 Southwestern Medical Ave., Dallas, TX 75235-7299
  • 6700 Fannin, Houston, TX 77030

If you return home to work, please update the address to your home address.

While we set up RingCentral for the entire campus, we are encouraging that all emergency calls be placed outside of RingCentral. All emergency calls should be placed on a TWU phone while on campus. At home, please use your personal home or cell phone number to dial 911.

I have additonal questions. Whom should I contact?
For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at, or



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