RingCentral Privacy

RingCentral Set, Change, or Block Caller ID

This article explains how to change the Caller ID when making outbound calls. RingCentral allows a number to appear differently (such as a department mainline) than the direct extension. RingCentral also allows the Caller ID to be blocked.  (instructions)

RingCentral: Phone Presence and Call Monitoring

This article explains how people can set up Call Presence and Call Monitoring. RingCentral allows call monitoring between extensions, such as an administrative assistant monitoring the calls of a director. Each person must set up Presence. The person whose calls are being monitored set up permission for one or more people to monitor and pick up calls on their behalf. The person or people monitoring the line must set up Presence in their account to be able to answer calls.  (instructions)

Call Screening

RingCentral offers Call Screening. When Call Screening is enabled, callers are asked to record their name. The current version of RingCentral does not announce this to the recipient. However, when using the desktop or mobile app, the Caller ID (if available) is displayed on the screen. Recipients have the option to answer, send to voicemail, or ignore the call.

To set up Call Screening:

  1. Navigate to Service.RingCentral.com
  2. Click Single Sign-On
  3. Enter your TWU email address
  4. Click Submit
  5. Enter your TWU password
  6. Click Settings
  7. Click Screening, Greeting, & Hold Music
  8. Under Call Screening check Enable
  9. Click Save
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