RingCentral Faxes 101

IT Solutions offers RingCentral Fax, Text, Message, Contacts, Video Bridge Training course (click link to self enroll).

Fax in Desktop or Web App

Sending and receiving a fax in the RingCentral app desktop and web 

Managing faxes in the RingCentral app desktop and web

Fax in Mobile App

Sending a fax in RingCentral mobile app 

Managing a fax in the RingCentral mobile app

View Faxes Received

View received faxes from the inbox section of the RingCentral Desktop App.
(Links will open to instructions on how to view received faxes on the preferred platform)

Fax sent to extension's direct phone number
Fax would be found in that specific extension's Inbox (ex, Ext 106).

  1. Log In to RingCentral Online Account.
  2. Click Single Sign On, enter TWU email and password
  3. For Users, click Messages > Inbox.
  4. For Administrators, click Admin Portal > My Extension > Messages > Inbox.

Fax sent to public folder

  1. Open Outlook or owa.twu.edu > Open the Public Folder
  2. Find the fax email and follow business process for managing


  • Can't fax out from a queue (main line)
  • Can receive to a queue (main line)


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