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RingCentral Account Set Up

How to setup RingCentral account

RingCentral Block Spam or Robo Calls

RingCentral allows each user to block specific numbers.

RingCentral Call Flip

Call Flip lets you transfer a live call between your devices, including home phones, desk phones, smartphones, using an assigned single digit without any interruption to the call.

RingCentral Call Handling

RingCentral provides options to determine where calls are routed. RingCentral allows separate voicemail greetings for during and after hours, if business hours are set.

RingCentral Call History

Call history will give you access to all of your calls, missed calls, and even call recordings.

RingCentral Call Queues 101

Call Queues are groups of Users or Extensions which receive queue calls to be answered by the next available member of the group. Calls are distributed one at a time to the people in the queue.

RingCentral Call Switch

Switching a call between your desktop app and mobile app.

RingCentral Emergency 911 Service

Updating the E911 Emergency Address allows you to implement changes to the physical address of a DigitalLine. The same address will be used by 911 to trace the origin of a 911 call in the US.

RingCentral Getting Started with Answering and Monitoring Calls for Others

If you need to monitor or answer calls for other people (either with a desk phone or the desktop app), this training video will get you started.

RingCentral Make or Answer a Phone Call

RingCentral allows users to make and receive calls from the computer desktop, mobile app, or desk phone.

RingCentral Power Cycle a RingCentral Phone

To "reset" the phone (if it's misbehaving or its settings have changed), follow these quick steps.

RingCentral Privacy

RingCentral offers several options that can be used in combination to keep a direct extension private.

RingCentral Set User Hours

RingCentral allows users to modify account settings based on work hours or after hours. Business hours only apply to phone calls, not fax or text.

RingCentral Set, Change, or Block Caller ID

Setup caller ID on RingCentral desktop or mobile app. This is helpful for individuals who support a "main line"/queue and/or administrators who prefer callbacks to a main line, rather than their direct number.

RingCentral Setting Custom Rules for Out of Office

RingCentral provides options for users to set out of office greeting and schedule. Set custom rules to notify others that you are out of the office, on vacation, or not available to respond.

RingCentral Setting up Phone Presence in HUD or RingCentral Online

Presence enables you to detect the phone status of your colleagues and display on your desk phones or RingCentral App. You can set user presence in RingCentral App (HUD) or RingCentral online.

RingCentral Sign In

Instructions to sign in to RingCentral

RingCentral Transfer a Call Using Desktop or Web App, Mobile App, Deskphone

RingCentral allows you to transfer a live call to a number of your choice. While transferring a call to a different number, you’ll have the option to transfer your call in one of three ways.

RingCentral Voicemail

RingCentral features voicemail. Messages can be checked from the desktop, mobile, or web app.

RingCentral: Call-Tree (IVR) Best Practices

RingCentral features options for IVR (interactive voice response) otherwise known as a call-tree or menu system. When designing an IVR, consider these best practices to provide information and appropriate call routing.

RingCentral: Phone Presence and Call Monitoring

RingCentral users have the option to monitor phone calls for colleagues. HEADS UP: When someone changes their extension, Presence will need to be updated.