Computer Labs and Student Technology and Study Services: Dallas Campus

COVID-19 Update: Please use sanitizing stations located near the front of the lab before and after workstation use.

Wi-fi Access

The entire building and the patio have OPEN wireless access using twunet. There is some Wi-fi coverage available in the Garage on the west side (next to the patio) on the 1st and 2nd levels. 

Computer Lab Hours & Building Hours

The computer lab is accessible when the building is open. The campus will observe official university closures.

Location Days Open Doors Unlocked Card Access Required
Building Main Entrance M - F 6 am - 5 pm 5 pm - 9 pm
Building Main Entrance Sat 6 am - 4 pm 4 pm - 5 pm
Building Main Entrance Sun CLOSED CLOSED

Support is not available on-site after 6 PM. For assistance, please contact the Service Desk:

Computer Lab (6th floor)

The TWU Dallas Computer Lab is located on the sixth floor and is accessible during the hours listed in the table above. 

There are 112 Desktop PCs, nine Macs, six dual monitor PCs, four scanners, five LaserJet printers that print in black & white, and one LaserJet color printer. There is a wheelchair-accessible desk with dual monitors on the East-side of the Computer Lab. The Computer Lab houses a Solstice collaboration station where students can connect their devices using the free Solstice app. The Solstice app allows students to work together and share documents on the large TV using the 4 provided Computers or by downloading the Solstice app on a supported mobile device. Black and white printing is free for TPhoto of the TWU Dallas Computer Lab viewed from its main entrance - 1 of 2 print release stations is circled.WU students.

How to Print:

  • Log into any TWU Computer Lab or Library Computer using your Pioneer Portal credentials (username and password).
  • Download and Open the document you want to print.
  • Select Print when your document is ready.
  • Print jobs are held for 20 minutes until released from 1 of 2 release stations in the Computer Lab, located on opposite sides of the printers.
  • Tap to select your username on the release station, select all desired print jobs, tap Continue, tap Print.
    • A pop-up window will pop up;
      • Black & White [FREE]: Ignore the pop-up window if you want to print in Black and White. Print jobs will go directly to release stations.
      • Color [$0.40/page]: Sign into this window if you would like to print in color. You will be prompted for payment information. Jobs will be released directly to printer 6, facing the Computer Lab doors.
  • A message will appear stating which printer your jobs were released to. For example, IHSD6601PRN3 = Institute of Health Sciences, Dallas - Printer 3
  • Retrieve your print jobs from the indicated printer. Printers are labeled and there is a print job screen above the printers where you can see what printer your job was released to.

Charging Stations in Computer Lab

Charging Stations are located throughout the Computer Lab. There is a charging station at the Student Assistant Front DeskThere are five charging stations in the open-seating tables in the Computer Lab. There are two charging stations near the dual monitor PC areas. 

Student Assistants in Computer Lab

Student Assistants are located at the Front Desk to provide immediate assistance with Computers and Printers (hours may vary). Please do not open the printers. Instead, find a nearby student assistant or staff member. Alternatively, you may use to make a technology service ticket.

Standard Software in Computer Lab

All Computers run Windows 10 with the Microsoft Office Suite (Office, PPT, Excel, etc.), Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers, SPSS 25, NCLEX, and Respondus Lockdown Browser. 

Computer Classrooms (6th floor)

There are three Computer Classrooms with Standard Lab Software and Examplify installed. These rooms are used primarily for testing and can be reserved through the appropriate University Scheduling form. If you are testing, please make a ticket to request IT support: Technology Service Desk.

Library Resources (6th floor)

Students may reserve Study Rooms and checkout Laptops and charging cords. There is a Quiet Area that houses 14 PCs that is accessible through the Library. There is a Nap Pod that can be reserved. To view all of the Dallas Center Library services and resources and reserve any of these services see link: Dallas Center Library: Services & Resources.

The technology available for checkout:

  • 4 HP Laptops with Standard Software and Examplify
  • 4 Chromebooks for Google Apps and Internet browsing

Cyber Cafés (3rd floor)

On the third floor, there are 5 PCs available for student use in the Cyber Café and 3 PCs in the Cyber Café near the Fitness Center

Charging Stations on Campus

Eight charging stations with power outlets and USB ports are available inside the Computer Lab on 6th floor. There is a charging station located near the West staircase lounge area. There is a charging station located in room 3700, the Student Lounge (student ID is required to enter). A charging station is also located in room 3620, Multipurpose Room (currently an open Study Room).


The 1st floor kiosk is used for printing temporary parking permits


All tiered classrooms have outlets in select seats.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or 940-898-3971. To find additional information use the Technology Service Catalog.


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