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The Canvas mobile application provides students a portable solution for Canvas. Not all features in Canvas are available using your mobile device. There is a separate mobile application to use polls in the classroom.
Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows saving and access to all Google Drive files on demand, directly from a computer through File Explorer. This means using almost no hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync.
Turning, a Student Response System (SRS), is a wireless response system that allows instructors to request information by presenting questions and for students to respond by using a “clicker” to send his or her information to be recorded. The clicker can be a Smartphone or a Turning hand-held response device.
Directions to install SPSS on a personal PC or laptop.
Directions to install SPSS on a Mac.
TWU offers many options for collaborating with colleagues including voicepoint phone conferencing, video conferencing, Blackboard Collaborate, and Skype for Business.  To ensure a successful meeting / class session, consider these best practices before, during, and after the meeting.
Explanation of how to use the Request Service button to access support for the various TWU services.