IT Solutions Organizational Chart

IT Solutions 

   Jason Tomlinson, VP of Finance & Administration and VP of IT Solutions (Interim CIO)

   {Vacant}, Chief Information Officer

   Cori Trevino, Deputy CIO & Director, Customer Experience & Engagement


  • Maureen Gamel, Sr Technology Operations Specialist
    • {Vacant}, Technology Operations Specialist

Outreach, Engagement & Support

  • Heather Davis, Associate Director, Outreach, Engagement & Support
    • Corin Walker, Sr Outreach & Engagement Specialist
    • Jinlan "Iris" Du, Outreach & Engagement Specialist (HOU)
    • Tomeka Nolen, Outreach & Engagement Specialist (DAL)

Project Management Office

  • Vacant {IRC49852}, Mgr Relationship & Project Management
    • Holme Oltrogge, Technology Project Manager
    • {Vacant}, Business Analyst

Data Management

  • Nelson Lee, Data Management & DPO

Information Security

  • Tiffany Peart, Associate Director Information Security
    • Sara "D'Ann" Jackson, Sr Information Security Analyst
    • Johnathan Palos,  Security Operations Lead
    • Niki Peyton, Security Engineer


Campus Operations & Technology (HOU)

  • Ivanildo "Carlos" Da Silva, Manager, Campus & Technology
    • Keithchell Taylor, Campus Operations Coordinator
    • Kirk Johnson, Learning Environments Support Specialist
    • Srinivas Nadella, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Alexandria "Ryder" Owens, Instructional Technology Specialist

Campus Operations & Technology (DAL)

  • Jared Vernon, Manager, Campus & Technology
    • {Vacant}, Secretary
    • Jared Villasana, Learning Environments Support Specialist
    • Jerry Wilson, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Vacant, End User Computing Support Specialist


  • Allen "AJ" Galatas, Director, Infrastructure

       Platforms & Unified Communications

  • John "JP" Williams, Manager, Platforms & Unified Communications
    • Roger Hill, Technical Lead (Platforms)
    • Karl Pienkoss, Technical Lead (Platforms)
    • Vacant, Sr Systems Engineer
    • Qian Hu, Sr Systems Administrator
    • Clinton "Clint" DeBusk, Sr Functional Administrator
    • Lauren "Laureli" Daugherty, Systems Administrator

       Network & Infrastructure

  • Andrew Clemens, Technical Lead (Network & Infrastructure) 
    • Wallace "Wally" Campbell, Sr Network Engineer
    • Michael Thetford, Sr Network Engineer
    • Michael "Mike" Parker, Technical Lead (Voice Services)
    • Demetrius Myles, Unified Communications Engineer
    • {Vacant}, Network Engineer


Support Services

  • Vonnie Garza, Director, Support Services

       Learning Environments

  • Joseph "Joe" Kondras, Associate Director, Learning Environments
    • Roy Erwin, Learning Environments Architect
    • Tabitha Ingram, Application Admin Learning Environments
    • April "Allan" Lyne, Learning Environments Support Specialist
    • Zachary "Sam" Asper, Learning Environments Support Specialist
    • Anuradha "Anu" Narkar, Learning Environments Support Specialist
    • Chris Knorr, Learning Environments Support Specialist

       End User Computing

  • Thomas "Allen" Claytor, Mgr End User Computing
    • Zachary "Leah" Craddock, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Matthew Montgomery, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Andres Urbina, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Jeffrey "JT" Lanford, End User Computing Support Engineer 
    • Igor Zavalin, End User Computing Support Engineer
    • Charles "Chuck" Woodall, Technical Lead
    • Raquel Clewis, Media Services Specialist
    • Vacant {10393}, End User Computing Support Specialist

       Service Desk

  • David "Travis" Busby, Mgr Service Desk
    • Mark Fuentes, Service Desk Analyst
    • Ruby Fabela, Service Desk Analyst
    • Danielle Crenshaw, Service Desk Analyst
    • Brandy Arguelles, Service Desk Analyst 
    • William "Bill" Maddox, End User Computing Support Engineer
    • David Cole, End User Computing Support Specialist
    • Vacant, Service Desk Analyst

Enterprise Applications

  • Subhendu Rath, Director, Enterprise Applications

       Business Applications

  • Aruna Tatapudi, Manager, Business Applications
    • Roderick "Rod" Barnes, ECM Administrator
    • Binita Dangol, Sr Application Developer
    • William "Bill" Sharon, Application Developer
    • Vacant, Application Developer


  • Ronald "Ward" Durossette, Manager, Data Warehouse & Integrations
    • Jacob Ervin, Application Integration Engineer
    • James Smith, Application Developer
    • Ho "Rocky" Leung, ERP Administrator
    • Abigail Abora, Sr. Database Administrator

       Student Applications

  • Patrice Armor, Sr Manager, Student-Centered Applications
    • Hollie Daughtery, Sr Application Developer
    • Soren Paris, Sr Salesforce Developer
    • Don "Michael" Nelson, Application Developer
    • Svetlana Galuzinschii, Application Developer
    • Daniel Lebongwo, Salesforce Developer
    • Vacant, Sr Application Developer
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