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Directions to install SPSS on a personal PC or laptop.
Technical services provided by TWU to provide instructors, students, and staff with help and advice about Canvas. Information about Computer Specifications (Operating Systems and Platforms) and Supported Browsers are included.
Panopto is a lecture capture application that is used to create recordings of classroom-based activities that are made available for review by students in a course. Learn How to install the Panopto Mobile App; Navigate the App; View, Search, and Download Videos; and Record and Upload a Video.
Resource for Microsoft Office 365 with links to download software, program information and training resources.
By default, all Sedona data are only available internally to TWU. No one outside of TWU has access to Sedona data and only a limited number of people within TWU have access to Sedona data (such as a department chair and the dean of a college). To make information publicly available, follow these steps.
Faculty can change the template style on a CV.
Sedona requires html code to place quotation marks, subscript, superccript, italics, and/or scientific symbols in a title field.
Faculty can view their CV content as entered in Sedona.
Any Sedona CV can be exported to Microsoft Word.
The main screen in Sedona is the Member Console. All information can be entered using a category listed on the Member Console.