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Overview of the features and procedures related to Google Drive that apply to all faculty and staff users.
The University community has many options for shared file storage. Google Drive and the “X Drive” are free to faculty, staff, and students and supported by IT Solutions.
Respondus LockDown Browser is a software application that must be installed on the workstation or laptop before attempting to complete an online Canvas assessment. The application serves as a virtual proctor by preventing printing, capturing the screen to copy assessment questions, disabling messaging and screen-sharing, disabling function keys, and disabling access to other applications and Internet content.
Technical services provided by TWU to provide instructors, students, and staff with help and advice about Canvas. Information about Computer Specifications (Operating Systems and Platforms) and Supported Browsers are included.
This standard defines best practices for using web conferencing and virtual collaboration tools at TWU.
Provide additional information and instructions to students using Canvas and other integrated applications that you include in your Canvas course.
In Canvas, Sandbox courses are given to instructors by request to create new course content and to experiment with different features in Canvas. Sandboxes can be created for a specific course or for generic testing and looking at new Canvas features that are available every month.
Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows saving and access to all Google Drive files on demand, directly from a computer through File Explorer. This means using almost no hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync.
Colleague Self-Service/Student-Planning allows faculty and course managers to view, as well as update, a section's roster date. A roster may be Updated when the current date is between the Term's Census Date and the Term's End date. Summer sessions currently share a single Term Census and End date. If the current date is outside of that range, or when Final Grading is enabled in GRWP, the Roster will go into view-only mode, allowing the Roster to be viewed, but no changes may be made.