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Students, staff, and faculty may update their name record, username change and domain change with TWU. Select a status below and follow the steps to request a name/username/domain change.
Follow the steps below to view Public Folder email in Outlook Favorites pane.
Public folders feature auto-reply. This feature can be used for Out of office or other automated responses.
Many common issues encountered when working online can be resolved by clearing the cache.
Instructors are able to (1) view completed evaluations after they are released for the term and (2) add/edit questions for their evaluations.
‚ÄčIn order to gain access to TWU data, your account is required to have a complex password. The purpose of this guide is to help create a strong password.
PDF files (portable document format) can be edited to a degree using Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader can then be used to view PDF files.
TWU faculty, staff and students are able to record a meeting for others to watch later using TWU Google account from a computer.