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Software Center is an easy to access list of ready to install software items you may install at your convenience or need. This is available to only TWU machines on campus.
What to do and not to do on TWU VPN.
Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows saving and access to all Google Drive files on demand, directly from a computer through File Explorer. This means using almost no hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync.
Directions to install SPSS on a personal PC or laptop.
Directions to install SPSS on a Mac.
Use the Person Save List Creation (SLC) screen to create a saved list of individual students.
Dean's and their administrative staff can update information in Sedona for departments.
The University community has many options for shared file storage. Google Drive and the “X Drive” are free to faculty, staff, and students and supported by IT Solutions.
Request for a new folder (group) is made through a Portal tool. Upon approval, the folder is created and populated with any members specified during the request.