LinkedIn Learning (formerly suggested courses for Staff

  1. Teamwork Fundamentals
  2. Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict
  3. Quick Fixes for Poor Customer Service
  4. Business Etiquette: Phone, Email, and Text
  5. Developing Resourcefulness             
  6. Body Language for Leaders
  7. Communicating with Confidence  
  8. Learning to Be Assertive                    
  9. Effective Listening
  10. Dealing with a Difficult Boss               
  11. Weekly Office Workshop
  12. Getting Things Done                          
  13. Improving Your Judgement
  14. Grammar Fundamentals                     
  15. Managing Stress
  16. Embracing Change                            
  17. Building Self Confidence
  18. Managing Your Manager                    
  19. Working with Upset Customers
  20. Organizing Your Office for Maximum Efficiency
  21. Leading and Working in Teams
  22. Preparing for Your Review                 
  23. Managing Project Teams
  24. Delivering Employee Feedback           
  25. Performance Review Fundamentals
  26. Stepping Up to Leadership
  27. Office for Mac 2016 New Features

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