LinkedIn Learning (formerly suggested courses for Leaders/ Managers/ Supervisors

  1. New Manager Foundations
  2. Inclusive Leadership
  3. Leadership Foundations
  4. Customer Service Leadership
  5. Negotiating Your Leadership Success
  6. Leadership Blind Spots
  7. Leadership Insights from Dan Rockwell
  8. Bill George on Self Awareness, Authenticity, and Leadership
  9. Leading Effectively
  10. Lead Like a Boss
  11. Emerging Leader Foundations
  12. Igniting Emotional Engagement
  13. Leading Without Formal Authority
  14. Coaching Employees through Difficult Situations
  15. Managing in Difficult Times
  16. Facilitation Skills for Managers and Leaders
  17. Practicing Fairness as a Manager
  18. Learning to Be Approachable
  19. Delivering Bad News Effectively
  20. Managing a Diverse Team
  21. Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment
  22. Strategic Thinking
  23. Leading Yourself
  24. Time Management for Managers
  25. Managing Stress for Positive Change
  26. Management Tips Weekly
  27. Facilitation Skills for Managers and Leaders
  28. Managing a Multigenerational Workforce
  29. Managing Meetings
  30. Managing High Performers

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