RingCentral is a fully cloud-based unified communication solution that provides both traditional telephony services, as well as modern features and capabilities necessary to foster and enable collaboration.

  • Phones
  • Fax
  • Text
  • Messages
  • Video

Use 10 digit dialing on campus, off campus, and between campuses. There's no need to dial 9 or 1 to get an outside line, and no long distance code is needed to make long distance calls. 


To learn more about RingCentral features, please visit RingCentral Knowledge Base Articles

Support includes:

  • Add, remove, or move a RingCentral account
  • Add, remove, or move a phone
  • University directory listings

Getting started

Complete the RingCentral Getting Started course and then check out the RingCentral Knowledge Base. Click Request Service on this page, if you can't find your answer there or need administrative support (e.g. add user, remove user, phone move, RingGroup change, etc.).


Start with the RingCentral Knowledge Base. Click request support on this page, if you can't find your answer there or need administrative support.

Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff


Costs vary per TWU account and voice equipment used. Contact the Service Desk to request explanation of Unified Communications Billing structure on the equipment and service costs for a department.

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RingCentral allows users to make and receive calls from the computer desktop, mobile app, or desk phone.
RingCentral allows users to modify account settings based on work hours or after hours. Business hours only apply to phone calls, not fax or text.
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