IT services that facilitate institutional communication.

Services (13)

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

The Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system is an essential tool for campus call centers, providing a means to effectively manage large volumes of incoming phone calls.

Cable TV Service

Charter Communications provides basic cable TV service is provided in all residence hall rooms, as well as select office buildings on the TWU Denton campus.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a technology that allows users to post information that would traditionally be put on a bulletin board on a digital display.

Directory (Email and Telephone)

TWU provides a searchable directory of faculty, staff, and student employees. There is also a directory search by department.

Email Accounts

TWU utilizes both Microsoft Exchange and Google Suite for Education for email service.

Emergency Notifications (Pioneer Alerts)

Texas Woman's University Department of Public Safety uses a variety of methods to alert students, faculty, and staff in case of a significant emergency on a campus.

Instant Messaging (Skype for Business and Google Meet)

Microsoft Skype for Business and Google Meet are communications tools that offer instant messaging (IM), as well as many other features to enhance collaboration and communication in an organization.

Mailing Lists (Listserv)

Technology coordinates mailing lists associated with HR records for faculty, staff, students, adjunct faculty, GTAs, etc. Lists are also broken-down by department and by campus.

Phone Banks (Phone-a-thon)

Departments and components may request activation of a phone bank to use for outreach and/or fundraising.


TWU’s basic phone service is maintained and supported by IT Solutions.

Shared Email and Public Folders

Microsoft Outlook allows for the creation of email-based “public folders” that can be shared among a group of TWU employees. The shared email service is typically used by departments that need a general email address, by student organizations and clubs to share information, and by workgroups large and small to collaborate with co-workers.

Voice, Video, Text Chat (Skype for Business or Google Chat)

Individuals at TWU are encouraged to use Skype for Business and Google Chat as self-service chat and/or audio and video call services.

Voicemail for Faculty and Staff

TWU Voicemail provides TWU faculty and staff a convenient and cost-effective system for receiving, sending, and managing voicemail messages.