Digital Signage


Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information on a screen. 

  • Departments interested in digital signage may contact IT Solutions to receive consultation on product choices to meet their needs.
  • IT Solutions will also assist departments purchasing their own signage with options on displaying messages. (format, etc...)
  • Locations for new digital signage will also need to be reviewed and approved through TWU's Office of Design Services (Facilities Management)
  • Departments that own signage manage the content and may choose to accept direct requests for material to be displayed. 

Requesting Signage Display

Across TWU's campuses, IT Solutions owns the digital signage on the kiosks and in the computer labs. It also maintains additional signage in Dallas and Houston. Requests to display content on these signs should be made through the Service Desk or by clicking Request Service on this page. 

  • Signage must be a file type of .jpg format and not exceed 750kb. 

  • For maximum impact, design the sign with a 10% border and with content that can be digested in fewer than 10 seconds. (Digital signage is only one of many communication opportunities at TWU.)

  • To have the signage on all available Technology screens, please provide both a landscape (1920x1080 px or 16:9) and a portrait (1080x1920 px or 9:16) version of the sign. 

  • Please make requests no later than one week in advance.

  • TWU Marketing & Communication should approve marketing materials.

For your design convenience, PowerPoint Templates of both styles (Horizontal/Landscape and Vertical/Portrait) are attached. Please download, edit, save, and then "Save as" .jpg.

Requests that do not conform to these requirements may not be posted.

Note: All display signage will end at the end of the current academic semesters. Re-submit the request for the following academic semester when the consecutive academic semester starts.

Technology-Managed Signage


Vertical/Portrait - MCL 1st floor (outside Dental Hygiene clinic), SH 1st floor (lobby), ASB 1st floor (lobby), ACT 1st Floor (lobby), Guinn and Stark commons first floor (lobbies). MCL 2nd floor (Megalab) is used to display information about the Megalab only.

Horizontal/Landscape - MCL 2nd floor (Megalab) and Guinn Commons Computer Lab


Horizontal/Landscape - 6th-floor computer lab
See below for information about requesting signage display in other locations
Vertical/Portrait - 1st floor (displays directory only)


Vertical/Portrait - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th floors
Horizontal/Landscape - 4th floor

Additional monitors in the computer lab (reserved for lab)

Signage Managed Outside of TWU Technology

Library - Sean Spear

Design Services for Student Life manages the following digital signage:
Guinn Hall: South side entry way
Stark Commons: Across from the computer lounge and next to the massage chair
Dining Hall: East entrance
Student Union: Vertical stands
ASB: East side entrance next to sliding doors
MCL: Bell west facing entrance
CFO: second floor, next to elevators, west side of building

Department purchased digital signage is managed by individual departments

Student Life (1st-3rd floors, 5th-8th floors) - Student Life (request service)
4th-floor signage - Nursing Dallas

8th-floor signage - Office of Research

10th-floor signage - Pioneer Center for Student Excellence

Getting started and support

Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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