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Services or Offerings?
TWU utilizes both Microsoft Exchange and Google Suite for Education for email service.

The Technology Service Center is TWU's 100% web-based service request solution for technology support.

TWU operates two primary domains: pioneer (for students) and fs (for faculty and staff). Active directory is the primary system TWU uses to create usernames.

Proofpoint has been a leader in effective blocking of email-borne threats for over a decade.

The Technology Knowledge Base contains articles with instructions about services listed in the Technology Service Catalog.

Well-written answers to the most common user queries.

Unlike a “help desk”, which primarily provides only information, a “service desk” owns the incidents and questions reported to it and has the training and ability to resolve a high percentage of queries, thereby facilitating faster resolution times to its customers and users.

An organized and curated collection of any and all technology-related services that can be performed by, for, or within TWU.