Directory (Email and Telephone)

Getting started

TWU provides and maintains a directory that is available online to find department, faculty, and staff contact information. This information is available through either the Internet or Intranet.

The Internet web site is overseen by Marketing and Communications and is open to the public. Information in the directory on the internet is accessible to the general public (i.e. external). The following information will be on the internet (external) directory: name, title, department, email address, work address, and external phone extension.

The Intranet web site is overseen by IT Solutions and is accessible only to faculty, staff, and students at TWU. Information that is on the intranet is intended to provide a source of information about faculty, staff, and students that can be obtained only by those with access through the Portal to the intranet (i.e. internal). Additional information available on the intranet (internal) includes TWU’s person identifier, privacy setting, and internal phone extension.

Access the directories via a web browser at


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