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Hi! I know you're in a hurry, but this is some very helpful information

You're here for one of two things and here's some tips on how to do each one:

1) Requests for access for an individual - when you select the name of the person for whom access is being requested it puts their TWU ID into the form ID Services receives. If you need to request more than one building of access, you can write what you need in the "Room" line.  If someone's name isn't in the drop down, choose "Contractor or Chartwells" and you can type their name in manually. This will make more sense once you are in the form itself.
If you need someone removed from access, just put "REMOVE" before the door numbers in the Door line.

2) Group Access requests - Our system does have individual door access, but we've been working with each department to group together doors and the users into Group Numbers. These groups are best defined by roles such as "Physics Students working with Dr. Who". This makes tracking what doors are needed for each person less necessary and any changes can be dealt with at the group level. It also means that instead of massive complicated spreadsheets, they can be as simple as 
Name      |      9 Digit TWU ID      |      Group Number      |

If you attach an Excel file with the students divided by groups, there's not a special bag of chocolate awaiting you, but if you meet any of our staff they will carry with them a warm feeling towards you and your whole team. We're positive it affects Karma.

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