VPN and Remote Desktop (RDP)

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Connecting to TWU VPN with Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication

Steps to connect to TWU VPN using Duo two-factor authentication.

Remote Desktop (RDP) from iPad - if already on the internal TWU network

Establish a VPN connection on the iPad before connecting to the PC or Mac. TWU computer number (e.g., 800001twu) is required for remote desktop connection.

Setting up Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac

Connecting to your PC from your Mac using Microsoft Remote Desktop

VPN: reason 442 error when trying to connect

Cisco VPN client gives error "Secure vpn connection terminated locally by the client Reason 442" when trying to connect VPN.

Reactivate Duo Mobile for New Devices

Contact the Service Desk if you have a new device or have lost your current Duo-enrolled device.