Computer best practices and troubleshooting

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Always Start With the TWU Technology Service Desk

We all do it. We run into technical difficulties, and we reach out to the person we know can help. This seems like a good idea at the time, but the TWU has the TWU Technology Service Desk that will almost always be a better bet for the first contact. Here are some reasons to start with the Service Desk, rather than your favorite IT person.

Clear browser cache and cookies

Steps to clear both cache and cookies in common browsers.

How to Quickly Lock a Computer

Users can quickly lock a PC or a Mac using keyboard shortcuts.

Increase Mailbox Size

Users request an increase in mailbox size.

iOS: MS Exchange accepts only ten devices

iOS User unable to setup additional iOS devices for TWU Outlook account. System warning message declares Exchange limitation of 10 devices.

Technology Troubleshooting 101

There are some common troubleshooting steps to try before contacting the Technology Service Desk for support to get back to work quickly.

What's Different in Windows 10

An overview for moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10