Computer Refresh Backup Instructions

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Everyone is responsible to maintain records or files in a location that is regularly backed up. This process can be simplified by keeping all files stored on Google drive or on the X: drive. Both Google drive and X drive are options that are routinely backed up. Consider carefully what needs to be saved. File Storage and Sharing Options: Google Drive vs. X-Drive vs. OneDrive

When data are saved to the network drives, it will be there until it is deleted or removed. Every TWU employee has 50GB share/ 20 personal of network storage on the X drive. Network storage (X-Drive) provides personal and shared folders for departmental and TWU information.  TWU provides two cloud-storage solutions, as well: Google Drive offers cloud storage with the option for the individual to share files and folders as needed and Office 365 OneDrive offers 1TB storage.

Be sure to check the department’s record retention policy before deleting University records. Many are storing more than needed.  All file storage comes with a cost and requires thoughtful stewardship of Texas Woman’s resources. 

Both downloads and desktop files are likely unneeded, non-record, and duplicate files. For ease and convenience, change the default file location where items are stored: Change File Default Locations to the Cloud in Windows & Microsoft Office 

Please note that network storage differs from saving files “locally” to one's desktop or personal machine. When files are saved “locally,” they are not backed up and IT Solutions is unable to recover the data should hardware or software on the computer begin to fail. 

Specialized Software

Departments that purchase specialized software must maintain record keeping for license keys. During the computer refresh or replacement events, IT Solutions will request the license keys to reinstall the software. IT Solutions does not have access to license keys for software purchased by departments. 

Export your Bookmarks

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Data Recovery

In the event of system failure, departments have the option to contract with an external vendor to attempt recovery of data, contingent upon approval from the TWU Technology security team. External vendors vary on results. Costs can range from several hundred dollars to thousands, regardless of the outcome.

Backup to Google Drive or OneDrive

To quickly move files to google drive (from computer, X drive, or other location) consider using Google Drive for Desktop.  Install Google Drive for desktop (formerly Google Drive File Stream)

Upload files and folders to Google Drive

Any files or folders to be accessed in any work capacity should be stored in a Shared drives folder. Personal documents can be stored in My Drive. 

  1. Open File Explorer. 
  2. Click X-Drive 
  3. Double-click My Personal Folder
  4. Copy items to be backed up

To create a new folder

  1. Right-click select New > Folder
  2. Name the folder
  3. Copy and paste (or drag and drop) all important files and folders from your desktop computer to your Backup folder.

Upload files and folders to OneDrive

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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The University community has many options for shared file storage. Google Drive and the “X-Drive” are free to faculty, staff, and students and supported by IT Solutions.