File Storage and Sharing Options: Google Drive vs. X drive

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The University community has many options for shared file storage. Google Drive and the “X Drive,” are free to faculty, staff, and students and supported by the Office of Technology. Each of these systems can be utilized to share information among faculty, staff, and students. Each of these systems offers different options--some of which are detailed below.  

  XDrive Google Drive* Includes My Drive and Shared drives
Storage Space 20GB personal + 50GB shared (per user) Unlimited
Collaboration File sharing only Live collaboration
Revision history No Yes
Permission-Setting Access controls at folder level Full permission control
Availability On campus or VPN Anywhere with internet
Sensitive data Allowed; Most secure of these options Not recommended
Browser compatibility Any browser works Works best in Chrome
Sharing capabilities Yes Yes; more robust
Mobile accessibility No Yes
Create content No Yes
File types allowed Any Nearly all


X drive will display personal usage only.

*A Note About Google

Google My Drive only allows one account to “own” a Google-created file (doc, sheet, form, etc.). Ownership can only be transferred within domains (only can can transfer to/from another account). Departments who wish to use Google Drive extensively may consider creating a Team Drive. Google Team Drive allows a group or department to own a collection of files and or folders.

Compare Google My Drive and Google Team Drive (Shared drives) 

More information about Google My Drive is available from the GSuite Learning Center. 

More information about Google Shared drives is available from the GSuite Learning Center. 

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.

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