Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)


Google Drive: My Drive & Shared drives

Comes with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, a collection of apps designed for developing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files stored on Google Drive.

  • Store files with cloud storage space
  • Share files with colleagues with Google accounts around the world
  • Edit Google files online using Google’s productivity software
  • Upload files of various types
  • Version history within files

Microsoft OneDrive

Access files from anywhere, on any device. Share and work together with anyone.

  • Sync across all devices
  • Up to 1TB of storage
  • Share files with colleagues with Microsoft accounts around the world
  • Keep document versions

Getting started


Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

Learn More

  • Google Learning Center for Drive
  • Microsoft Getting Started with OneDrive

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Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)


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