IT services that aid collaboration.

Services (10)

Active Learning Classroom

Active Learning Classrooms are designed to increase student-faculty interaction or encourage groups of students to work together to complete a task.

Calendar (Google Suite and Outlook)

Multiple calendars can be created and shared, allowing different levels of permissions for each user.

Cloud Storage (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive)

Google Drive for Faculty and Staff is a cloud storage service that allows users to upload, create, edit, and work collaboratively with others on a variety of documents online. Microsoft OneDrive allows users to get to files and photos from anywhere, on any device and to share and work together with anyone.

Instant Messaging (Google Chat, RingCentral)

RingCentral and Google Meet are communications tools that offer instant messaging (IM), as well as many other features to enhance collaboration and communication in an organization.

Personal Webspace (Google Sites)

TWU provides Google Suite for Education which includes the Sites application.

Productivity Software

Choose from various software to support word processing, data analysis, presentations, desktop publishing, calendar-keeping, emailing, and PDF needs.

Voice, Video, Text Chat (Google Meet, RingCentral, or Zoom)

Individuals at TWU are encouraged to use Google Meet, RingCentral, or Zoom as self-service chat and/or audio and video call services.

Web Conference

A high performance web conferencing system with accessories is available on each of the three campuses for the purpose of connecting students in classrooms across distances, as well as connecting business meetings meeting from various locations.

Zoom License Request

Please note you must have an employment status in our system before we can provide you with a Zoom license. You can check with your department for your PTF approval.

TWU Campus Event

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