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Change View option for Icons on a Mac

How to change the preview option for desktop icons for Mac.

Computers: How to Manually Eject an Optical Disc

The eject button/command may fail to eject the CD/DVD/Blu-ray from a computer.

Microsoft Surface not turning or staying on

What to do if Surface will not turn on, or will not stay turned on

Monitor Shows Message "No Signal/Input Device Detected"

This message displays when the computer is in standby. The PC power management settings are set in a way to turn the display off after a certain amount of time. The display, in this sense, is only the GUI and the hardware remains on.

Monitors Not Working and/or Laptop or Dock Won't Power On

Simple troubleshooting steps for those who use a docked laptop.

Recommendations for Webcam and Headset

Recommendations for Webcam and Headset

Webcam Troubleshooting

If your webcam isn't operating as expected, try these steps.