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Add a New CV in Sedona

For faculty new to TWU, this article makes recommendations on how to input the CV content into Sedona.

Add Teaching Activities

Faculty will add various types of teaching activities in Sedona.

Download to Microsoft Word and Formatting

Any Sedona CV can be exported to Microsoft Word.

Make Sedona Data Public

By default, all Sedona data are only available internally to TWU. No one outside of TWU has access to Sedona data and only a limited number of people within TWU have access to Sedona data (such as a department chair and the dean of a college). To make information publicly available, follow these steps.

Title Fields in Sedona

Sedona requires html code to place quotation marks, subscript, superccript, italics, and/or scientific symbols in a title field.

View & Change Template Style

Faculty can change the template style on a CV.

Viewing CV

Faculty can view their CV content as entered in Sedona.