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  1. Select Research and then Articles in Journals from the primary navigation menu OR under Research Activities Entry select Articles in Journals.
  2. Click the green Add button in the upper-right corner.
  3. Refer to the conference presentation article to find information about titles, authors, and descriptions.
  4. All fields with a red asterisk are required.
  5. After you enter the Title of Article, select the Periodical from the dropdown list.  If you select the dropdown arrow on the right, you can start typing the title of your journal to get closer to the journal title on the list.  You can also scroll through the list to select a title. 
    1. If you cannot find the journal title, scroll back up to the top to select Journal is not in list – being petitioned.  This will create a pop-up screen.
    2. Complete all of the required fields. Click Apply.
  6. Select the Status: Accepted or Published. Check the Invited box if invited to submit.
  7. Select the Year Accepted/Year Published and Academic Year.
  8. Select the Type of Activity: Encyclopedia Articles or Journal: Academic.
  9. Select Yes or no for Refereed.
  10. Notice that all of the remaining fields on the left side of the screen are not required.  You may choose to add as much or as little of this information as you like. 
    1. Associated Grant allows you to select from your list of grants in Sedona.
    2. As with conference presentations, you can use the ShowCase field to order articles published within the same year. For the item to appear on a short CV, it must have a ShowCase number.
    3. Keywords helps the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to match faculty with awards.
    4. You may also include any other information in the description field, but as with your conference presentations, you’ll need to be careful how you paste, if you paste, and that you remove any Source code, if you do not include any text in the description field. 
    5. The final field on this screen is the Citations box.  This is an unformatted text box that does not appear on your rendered CV.  If you want to format this citation in your discipline’s style, you could enter that information here for easy retrieval.
  11. The right side of the screen is dedicated to author data. If any of the authors on the article work at TWU, please select them from the Colleagues drop-down list. This will create a pending record on their Sedona CV, and you'll be saving them the trouble of adding the entry!
  12. Your name will appear first. You may click the blue up-down arrow to drag your name to the appropriate publication position. Add additional authors. Note: the fields should be entered First Name, Middle Initial, and then Last Name (they will appear on the rendered CV in the appropriate format).
  13. Use the et al. text box to enter any authors beyond five. Be sure to format these in your discipline's style.
  14. When you have completed data entry for the article, click the green Save button in the upper-right corner.

Articles Accepted, Not Published

Saving returns you to the Article Records screen. Any articles accepted, but not yet published, will be highlighted in yellow. This helps you remember to edit the entry when the article is published.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.

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