Sedona: Getting Started Overview

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What is Sedona?

Sedona is a self-service web database application that is part of the MY1CV program.  This web database allows members to maintain their teaching, research, service, experience, development, credentials, and assessment records. Sedona’s History at TWU Sedona started as an initiative in 2012, led by a steering committee made up of faculty members and supported by the Office of Technology. The Provost and VP for Finance and Administration funded a project to have TWU graduate students entered all of the CV data from over 400 full-time faculty throughout the summer of 2013.

Why Sedona?

One of the greatest benefits of Sedona is that your data is centralized and easily formatted and reformatted for various purposes, including accreditation. The default CV template closely follows the guidelines established for the promotion and tenure process. You have the ability to query and reformat your CV on demand.

You don’t have to worry about losing entries: Sedona houses all of the data for your CV while you are in control of what appears on your CV at any given time. You will also be able to upload files associated with your CV entries, making evaluation processes more streamlined.

And your data are portable: you can download to Word or PDF anytime. Another great feature in Sedona are the various reports - later training materials will cover those.

Logging On & Changing Your Password

You can access Sedona from any device with an internet connection. Like any web-based application, different web browsers produce different results. Sedona is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. See the FAQ for more information on browsers.

Access Sedona by pointing your browser to

If this is your first time accessing Sedona, you will log on with your TWU email address ( and your TWU ID number with three letters appended (TWA, TWH, TWB, TWN, or TWP). We recommend changing the password to something you'll remember after you log on.

Log On Tip

If you don’t know your TWU ID number, you can look it up by logging into Pioneer Portal. It’s typically on the My Start Page. It is a nine digit number that begins with a nine.

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