CV Content Management System (MY1CV/Sedona)


Sedona allows faculty to free themselves of formatting headaches and from having to maintain multiple versions of their CV in word-processing files. It also allows chairs, deans, and other administrators to create reports using data aggregators, rather than manually counting instances of types of data.

In Sedona, users have the ability to query and reformat their CV on demand. Users don’t have to worry about losing entries: Sedona houses all of the data for their CV while they are in control of what appears on their CV at any given time. Users will also be able to upload files associated with their  CV entries, making their evaluation processes more streamlined. And their data are portable: users can download to Word or PDF anytime.

The Sedona database can output data in multiple formats including, filtering content by year to output a seven-year vita, one-year vita, full vita, and even such things as NIH application cover sheets.

About MY1CV

MY1CV is an initiative that allows faculty to showcase their research, creative activities, scholarship, and teaching while connecting them to collaborators, students, and funding. Faculty maintain their CV data in a centralized database. These data are used to develop web profiles for faculty; generate the required CV for faculty performance review and promotion and tenure processes; allow for easy and accurate reporting to a number of agencies, including potential funding sources and accrediting bodies; provide updated bio information for department websites, and more.

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Getting started

Access Sedona 

Department chairs and their support staff administer Sedona locally. Department staff have been trained to input newly hired faculty into the system. 

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Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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Sedona CV Content Conventions 
TWU Sedona FAQ
Sedona Hints and Tips 
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Related Services

Contact the Office of Executive Vice Provost for assistance with uploading a CV or syllabi to Portal. The Sedona CV is unrelated to either of those processes at this time. While the Sedona CV will be exported and uploaded into the Faculty Performance Review (FPR) System, Sedona itself is not used for FPR. 

We do our best to link to only the best external sites but we cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of such websites.

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Dean's and their administrative staff can update information in Sedona for departments.
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By default, all Sedona data are only available internally to TWU. No one outside of TWU has access to Sedona data and only a limited number of people within TWU have access to Sedona data (such as a department chair and the dean of a college). To make information publicly available, follow these steps.
The main screen in Sedona is the Member Console. All information can be entered using a category listed on the Member Console.


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