Add Institutional Service Activity

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  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Service from the menu links. Then select Institutional Service.
  3. Click Add.

Most of the fields on this screen are required. TWU recognizes thesis and dissertation committee work as teaching activities, not service, so you will not select those options here. If you don't see an activity that fits, simply select Other Institutional Service Activities.

Type or paste (via Ctrl+V or right-click paste) the name of the committee.

The University should always be TWU because this is institutional service.

  • Institutional service at prior universities should be entered as Professional Service.
  • If the University shows --Unassigned--, you need to add (or edit) your employment experience to include an "academic" listing.

You may select either the Academic Year or the Calendar Year. You may add additional years for either choice. You don’t have to create multiple entries for membership on the same committee with different years. For example, if you shift select 2013-2014 and 2012-2013 as years of service as a member and then hold down the control button to select 2010-2011, you’ll see that all three academic years of service are selected with a gap year in between. If you served continuously, you could just use the shift button and select all of the years of service.

The final required field is the scope. One of the options must be selected.

Number of days, URL, and Description are all optional fields.

When you are done entering data, select the green save button to return to the Institutional Service Records screen.

Editing Service Entries

You will see that multiple years of service appear as individual entries. If you select the service name, you can edit the individual year, but if you select Edit Group under Action, you can edit all of the years of service associated with this activity. As with the journal articles, you could choose to upload files related to any of these years of service.

Another action is copy which adds an identical entry but makes the year one later. You can delete entries by selecting the delete box for the entry and then selecting delete.

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