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If your titles contain any special characters (including quotation marks, subscript, superscript, italics, scientific symbols, etc.), you can include those in the title field in Sedona.  To do so, you must use html code.  Here is a helpful website for finding the html code.  You can use the character search tool to find your character (such as "quotation" to find the html """).  Then copy the html code into the title field in Sedona.  For quotation marks, be sure to add the code at the beginning and end of the title. 

For example, “Excellent Paper Title” would be entered into Sedona’s title field as &#34Excellent Paper Title&#34

As mentioned in the Content Conventions, you can use <i> </i> around a phrase to create italics. 

Subscript and superscript are a little trickier.  You'll want to search for "subscript x" (or "superscript x") where x is the character you need to be sub- or super-script.  Scroll down until you find the appropriate looking character, click, and copy the html code into the title field in Sedona. 

You can also search for scientific symbols.  If you can't find them using the search function on this site, you might conduct a web search for html scientific symbols. 

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