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Convert Pages to Word or PDF

The Apple platform (iOS) use .pages file. These files can be converted to .pdf  (portable document format) or .doc (Microsoft Word).

Excel: How to Wrap Text in a Cell

In Excel, make a cell expand down automatically to "wrap text" so that the entire contents of the cell can be visible.

Generating a Pipe-Delimited Text File from an Excel Spreadsheet

​Occasionally, a pipe-delimited file is required for a process rather than a comma-delimited file. A setting in the Control Panel will have to be changed in order to accomplish this task.

Google Drive for Faculty and Staff

Overview of the features and procedures related to Google Drive that apply to all faculty and staff users.

Google Forms that Collect Attachments

Google forms can accept attachments from those filling out the form. The file attachments for each question are all combined into a file for each question inside Google Drive.

Google My Drive vs Shared drives

TWU email addresses provide access to Google Suite, both Drive and apps. Google Drive includes both My Drive and Shared drives.

Google Shared drives

Google Shared drives are available using @TWU.edu email address. Shared drives are designed for teams, groups, or departments to store files so that multiple people can access the content.

Google Sharing with Link

Google docs, slides, sheets, and drawings can be shared using a link. Modify the link to share as a copy, template, preview version, or even pdf.

Install Google Drive for desktop (formerly Google Drive File Stream)

Drive for desktop is a desktop application that allows saving and access to all Google Drive files on demand, directly from a computer through File Explorer. This means using almost no hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync.

Microsoft Office 365 for Students, Faculty and Staff

Resource for Microsoft Office 365 with links to download software, program information and training resources.

Office 365 LinkedIn Learning Training

A list of LinkedIn Learning courses that support Office 365 applications.

Resolve 'You need permission' when trying to access Google Forms or Google Docs

When trying to access Google Forms or Docs, this error message can appear. This occurs when signed into another Google service with a different Google address.

View another person's calendar

Outlook can be configured to view other people's calendars.