The infrastructure services that support all other technology offerings.

Services (9)

Database Administration

The TWU DBAs support Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases for the TWU community.

Domain Management and AD Usernames (Active Directory)

TWU operates two primary domains: pioneer (for students) and fs (for faculty and staff). Active directory is the primary system TWU uses to create usernames.

Network and Phone Jacks

New communication outlet boxes or jacks for network, telephone, and/or video services can be installed and pricing is based on the number of jacks/outlets requested and the urgency of the request.

Offsite Network Connection (VPN)

Use of a “virtual private network” application creates a secure, encrypted communication channel over the Internet that effectively connects the user’s computer directly to the TWU network.

Server Hosting

Technology can provide hosting services for University colleagues who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally-managed data center.

Systems Administration

System Administration services provides installation, management, and support for servers running the Linux and Windows operating systems.

TWU Network

The on-campus networks provide access to a variety of computing and information services.

VMware Creation

A virtual machine (VM) is an emulation of a particular computer system. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer, and their implementations may involve specialized hardware, software, or a combination of both.

Wireless Network (TWU Wifi)

Wireless network service enables a wireless enabled computer or devices such as laptops, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices to connect to the TWU network and internet without plugging into a network jack.