Classroom, Learning, and Pedagogy Tools

Instructional technology, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.

Services (11)

Active Learning Classroom

Active Learning Classrooms are designed to increase student-faculty interaction or encourage groups of students to work together to complete a task.

Assessment Software

TWU Technology works with faculty on custom software solutions, particularly to innovate in areas such as assessment.

Classroom A/V Technologies

Classroom AV and media include Panopto lecture capture, Zoom, microphones, AMX touch panels, and Apple TV.

Classroom and Web Conferencing Technology Training

Upon request, a member of the classroom support team will meet with the user and train them on how to use the technology in the classroom or web conference room.

Classroom Technology Upgrades and Hardware

TWU classrooms are designed to meet the varied needs of the faculty, students and departments across the University. Classroom technology hardware serves as a medium to accentuate, enhance, and facilitate pedagogy.

Computer Classrooms

By allowing students access to computers in class, they can fully engage their professor during class time and learn to effectively use the programs required for class.

Event Support & Live Streaming

IT Solutions assists with the audio and video recordings of events and productions sponsored by the University. IT Solutions provides high quality HD Video production and digital Audio recordings to broaden the reach of idea sharing that can be saved and shared on the web.

Graphic Design Services and Poster Printing

The Center for Faculty Excellence can help with design and poster printing services.

On-Demand, Online Training (LinkedInLearning)

LinkedIn Learning is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts.

Web Conferencing Classrooms

IT Solutions provides several web conference classrooms equipped with Axis and/or Avers cameras.