Classroom A/V Technologies


IT Solutions provides support for Classroom Audio and Visual (A/V) technology. Classroom hardware includes some or all of the following:

  • A desktop computer
  • Monitor
  • Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • Touch Panel (Control Panel)
  • Media Projector
  • Projector Screen
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • DVD Player
  • Document Camera
  • Apple TV
  • Solstice Pod
  • Inputs for External Devices

 The Classroom technology team installs, supports, and offers training for the A/V hardware in classrooms.

Integrated Touch Panel

TWU classrooms have a centralized Touch Panel (Control Panel) that is located near the presenter podium. The Touch Panel or push button devices serve as a single location for turning audio visual equipment on and off, selecting sources for display, adjusting the audio levels, and contacting the Service Desk (where available).


TWU classrooms have a desktop Computer or Apple computer (iMac). The computer can be accessed using a TWU Pioneer Portal login and password. The computers have internet access, Office and additional programs requested by users.

DVD Player

DVD Players are built into most classroom computers. After logging into the computer, insert the DVD into the DVD drive on the computer. Select VLC player and play the DVD. You may request an external DVD Player from IT Solutions if there is not one available.

Doc Camera

A Document Camera is installed in most TWU classrooms. A majority of the classrooms feature a ceiling mounted document camera that can be controlled through the Integrated Touch Panel (Control Panel). Other rooms have a desktop document camera that can be controlled at the device or PC.


A Microphone is available in most classrooms. Podium microphones, wireless handheld, and wireless lapel microphones are located at the instructor podium and adjusted through the Touch Panel (Control Panel).

Inputs for External Devices

External Devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) brought to the classroom can be connected to the integrated technology. Use either a VGA cable and audio cable (3.5mm) or HDMI cable (where available). Connect the preferred cable to the input port located near the presenter Podium and select the cable input on the touch panel or button pad. Cables are provided in the podium. Note: Some devices require adapters that are not provided.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Users have the option to connect their device wirelessly to the classroom technology (in rooms where available). Classrooms use 3 types of devices for connectivity; Apple TV, Ditto and Solstice.

Apple TV allows instructors and students to connect a single Apple device (Apple Laptop, tablet or mobile phone) wirelessly and use the technology in the room (HDTV or Projector) to view photos, play music, watch videos, or full mirror the device. As classrooms have been upgraded in recent years, Apple TV has been added. Not all classrooms have Apple TV

Solstice allows instructors and students to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. A range of laptops, tablets or mobile phones are supported. Devices not supported by Solstice are Google Chromebooks and Windows smartphones. The device being used to connect to Solstice will require an app that is available.

Ditto features options for screen mirror using iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Chromebook and Windows with ease. Enjoy multi-display/multi-device screen sharing,content moderation, annotations and more.


With Panopto you’ve got a single tool for video management, recording, live streaming, inside-video search, quizzing, analytics, mobile, and more.


Zoom is a proprietary web conferencing software program that can be used to teach, meet, and conference. It is installed on most Podium PCs. You can browse the Zoom Knowledge Base articles for instructions on joining a Zoom meeting, Zoom on a mobile device, and much more.

Getting Started


Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Learn More

Panopto How to Videos

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Classroom computer does not play audio through the installed speakers. When waking from sleep, Windows will sometimes switch to the first audio output device it sees, rather than the previously-selected output. This will cause audio to be played from the computer itself, a monitor, or to not be audible at all.
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