Canvas Help

There are several support options available:

  1. Ask Your Instructor a Question - In Canvas from Global Navigation > ? Icon (Help) > Ask Your Instructor a Question to send an email message to your instructor. The conversation will appear in your Inbox.
  2. Search the Canvas Guides - Provides online help for instructors and students that includes an overview of Canvas features, step-by-step documentation by topic, and search by keyword. This is your best option to look up "how to" information for a specific topic or keyword.
  3. Canvas Student Overview - Provides an introduction to the basic tools used in a Canvas course by students. In addition there is a Getting Started with Canvas video.
  4. Technology Service Desk - All ways to contact the TWU Service Desk are available. This is the best option when talking to a real person would be helpful. The Knowledge Base is available to search for a solution or answer your question by topic or keyword. This option provides a way to look up additional information on related applications in Canvas like Blackboard Collaborate, Campus Pack, Respondus LockDown Browser, or Turnitin. This is your best option for general questions or when the specific topic or keyword is unknown and a written (email) response is sufficient.
  5. TWU Student Support Services - Here you will find important information about Academic Services, Administrative Services, Student Communities, and Personal Services.

External Links:

  1. Canvas Guides:
  2. Canvas Instructor Guide:
  3. Canvas Student Guide:
  4. Canvas Student Overview:
  5. Getting Started with Canvas Video:
  6. Technology Service Desk:
  7. TWU Student Support Services: