Badgr and Canvas (Students)

Badgr for Canvas allows instructors to issue digital badges to students as they complete modules or other activities in their Canvas courses. The instructor has to have enabled Badgr in the Canvas course for you to use this feature.

To Access Badges in Canvas

  1. Open your Canvas Course
  2. From Course Navigation click Badges
  3. Click Progress to see an up-to-date reflection of each module completion and the badges earned
  4. Click the Badge to see additional information
Awarded badges are automatically uploaded to your Badgr account if you create one. Awarded badges can also be downloaded and uploaded to any other Open Badges-compatible backpack services. They may also share directly to social networks with the built-in sharing buttons.

Badgr Resources

  1. Create a Badgr account
  2. Sharing badges on social media

Technical Support

To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.


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