Getting Started with Canvas (Instructors)

Canvas is a web-based application which allows instructors to put class materials on the Internet. There are several resources available for instructors to get started using Canvas.

The Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources

The Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology resources include:

  1. The Instructor Professional Development page has a list of training opportunities for faculty that focus on utilizing tools within Canvas.
  2. Customized Training and Consultations - If you would like to schedule a face-to-face training tailored for your department or program, contact your Instructional Design Partner,  call 940-898-3409 or email Teaching and Learning with Technology.
  3. In Canvas, you will automatically be given one Sandbox course to create new course content and to experiment with different features in Canvas. Sandboxes are available to develop a specific course or for generic testing and looking at new Canvas features that are available every month. Additional Sandbox courses can be requested.Canvas Sandboxes are available to instructors to design and develop your courses. You may request a Canvas Sandbox for every course you teach. One or more sandboxes may be requested at a time. Please include the course numbers, for example ENG 1013, NURS 4612. To get started submit a Technology Service Desk email to create a ticket.
  4. Preparing for and finalizing your course each semester requires several steps that may vary dependent on your course design and teaching style. Teaching and Learning with Technology has provided several checklists in the Getting Started with Canvas course to help you with this process. These include:
    1. Introduction to Canvas Checklist
    2. Course Planning & Setup Checklist
    3. Pre-Semester Checklist
    4. During the Semester Checklist
    5. End-of-Semester Checklist.
  5. If you would like assistance developing your Canvas course, please contact your Instructional Design Partner.

Canvas Guides

Canvas Guides will get you started with the basics of Canvas. Canvas Guides available include:

  1. Canvas Instructor Guide
  2. Canvas Video Guides

The Canvas Training Services Portal

Canvas Training offers training webinars allowing you to go into greater depth on a variety of topics. There are On Demand Courses that you can attend at any time on your own and Sessions that are interactive, allow some hands-on experience, and are taught by Canvas trainers available to answer questions. 

How to Get Started

Follow these steps to set up an account and register for a Canvas Training:

     Open the Training Services Portal

  1. Log Into Canvas using your TWU Username and Portal Password
  2. Click Help > Training Services Portal from the Global Navigation Menu
  3. On the "Training Portal is requesting access to your account" page, click Authorize
  4. On the "Authorize canvaspd idp prod to use your account?" page, click Authorize
  5. The Canvas Professional Development Training Portal LTI course will open. There is a "New Training Services Portal Walk Through" on demand course to help you get started.

Support Options

  1. Information on How to request a Canvas Sandbox course is available.
  2. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to create learning activities for students, training to use Canvas features, or talk about effective ways to design your Canvas courses. 
  3. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket. 


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There are several support options available to ask your instructor a question, search for answers online, use the Guide to Online Learning to get started using Canvas, and contacting the Technology Service Desk for technical support. Review Canvas Computer Specifications and Supported Browsers.
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In Canvas, Sandbox courses are given to instructors by request to create new course content and to experiment with different features in Canvas. Sandboxes can be created for a specific course or for generic testing and looking at new Canvas features that are available every month.
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Canvas is a Cloud Service application which allows instructors to put class materials on the Internet. It provides a variety of features and tools to facilitate teaching and learning. All courses at TWU use Canvas.