How to Request a Custom Canvas Home Page (Instructors)

Contact your Instructional Design Partner or submit Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket to request a personalized home page for your course in Canvas. One or more personalized home pages may be requested at a time. Please include the course numbers, for example ENG 1013, NURS 4612. Once you have submitted the request an Instructional Designer will contact you to jointly design the home page for your Canvas course.


Examples of Canvas Home Page Layouts include:


Note: An instructional designer will need to access your course to collaborate and create the Canvas Home Page with you.

Support Options

  1. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to create learning activities for students, training to use Canvas features, or talk about effective ways to design your Canvas courses. 
  2. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket. 


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