Comparing Collaboration Software

Feature Google Meet Zoom for Education3 RingCentral
Recording1 no yes yes
Break out rooms no yes yes
File transfer yes yes yes
Can define roles: moderator vs participant Meeting organizer is host yes yes
Audio and video options yes yes yes
Screen sharing yes yes yes
Application sharing- collaboration Using Google apps yes yes
Connect with those outside of TWU yes yes yes
Play video clips, such as YouTube or LinkedIn Learning yes yes yes
Requires reservation/ scheduling no no no
Chat yes yes yes
Whiteboard yes, using Jamboard yes no
Polls no yes no
Leader/moderator/ presenter can mute audience yes yes yes
Mobile app available (some limitations) yes yes yes
How do attendees/participants join? log on via computer or dial-in log on via computer or dial in  app, website, dial in
Maximum attendees/participants join? 250 300 100
Passcode option? no yes yes and or lock meeting option
Other information?   Basic license has time limit 40 minutes  


1Resources belong to the University.

2Not currently available

3Zoom is integrated with Canvas and instructor use is supported by Teaching and Learning with Technology.

We do our best to link to only the best external sites but we cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of such websites.

Many TWU faculty and staff utilize web conferencing solutions for department meetings, courses, research, and general collaboration. IT Solutions has published a web conferencing standard so that staff and faculty can conduct University business with secure and convenient access to web conferencing tools.

Specifically, the standard addresses IT Solutions 

  • recommended web conferencing platforms, 

  • general configuration recommendations for all virtual collaboration tools, 

  • best practices for protecting privacy, and 

  • guidance for recording and sharing virtual meetings.

See Standard: Information Security Standard - Web Conferencing

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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Upon request, a member of the classroom support team will meet with the user and train them on how to use the technology in the classroom or videoconference room.
IT Solutions assists with the audio and video recordings of events and productions sponsored by the University. IT Solutions provides high quality HD Video production and digital Audio recordings to broaden the reach of idea sharing that can be saved and shared on the web.
A high performance video conferencing system with accessories is available on each of the three campuses for the purpose of connecting students in classrooms across distances, as well as connecting business meetings meeting from various locations.
IT Solutions provides several video-conference classrooms equipped with Cisco codecs and HD quality LifeSize units.
Individuals at TWU are encouraged to use Google Meet, RingCentral, or Zoom as self-service chat and/or audio and video call services.