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Account Create Issues: Delete a PTF

PTFs may appear in Oracle in the Save for Later section, which can be an obstacle to Portal account creation. There are 2 ways to completely delete a PTF.

Creating the Affirmative Action Goals Report

To provide instructions on how to maintain the relation between the Affirmative Action Plans Job Groups and the Oracle Job Groups as well as the necessary steps to make the Affirmative Action Plan Goals Report work with the yearly data.

Departmental Directory Update - Oracle

This is giving directions to HR Personnel on how to change departmental information (phone numbers) in Oracle.

Oracle SSS - Add External Worker

How to add EXTERNAL workers (Contract, Vendor) to Oracle Responsibilities

Request TWU iProcurement and / or TWU Financials Inquiry Responsibilities

In addition to primary support with the Oracle "Phoenix" E-Business Suite (Budget, Finance, & HR) system, Enterprise Applications can provide "out of the box" support to meet the unique requirements of a TWU department, group, or business organization--whether the need is a minor adjustment to the existing software or the implementation of a new product, new screen/form, report, or process.

Showing/Hiding Responsibilities in Oracle E-Business

Responsibility is assigned in the Phoenix Responsibilities List but user is unable to see them in the home screen when logged in to Oracle e-Business

TRS Files Extract from Phoenix

To provide instructions for running the TRS files extract from the Phoenix environment.

Worklist Access for Oracle Workflow Notifications

You may grant someone short-term or "permanent" access to your Oracle Workflow items. This can be useful if you are out on vacation or other long-term leave and for individuals who need to track a PTF or other item through the approval process, when they are not the initiator/approver of the item.