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How to Autoprovision Roles - Manage HCM Role Provisioning

How to Autoprovision Roles - Manage HCM Role Provisioning

How To Fetch List of All Roles And Privileges Assigned To Application User

How to run ESS Job : User and Role Access Audit Report

How To: Change the Logout Redirect URL for an Oracle SaaS environment

How to set the Logout URL location when a user logs out of Fusion.

Oracle Support Logging Types

Oracle Support will often ask for logs to be gathered while performing an action. Describes some of the types of logs requested.

Role Changes - How to Regenerate Data Security Grants

After a role change, we should regenerate the Data Security Grants by running an ESS Job.

Upload a MICR font

How to upload a MICR font to Oracle Cloud BI reporting.

User Compare Roles to List Security Artifacts/Privileges

How to list the privileges/artifacts that comprise a role

Using HDL USER business object to activate a USER/List of Users

How to use the HR Data Loader (HDL) to Activate/Deactivate users.

Worklist Access for Oracle Workflow Notifications

You may grant someone short-term or "permanent" access to your Oracle Workflow items. This can be useful if you are out on vacation or other long-term leave and for individuals who need to track a PTF or other item through the approval process, when they are not the initiator/approver of the item.