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How to Autoprovision Roles - Manage HCM Role Provisioning

How to Autoprovision Roles - Manage HCM Role Provisioning

How To Fetch List of All Roles And Privileges Assigned To Application User

How to run ESS Job : User and Role Access Audit Report

How To: Change the Logout Redirect URL for an Oracle SaaS environment

How to set the Logout URL location when a user logs out of Fusion.

Role Changes - How to Regenerate Data Security Grants

After a role change, we should regenerate the Data Security Grants by running an ESS Job.

Upload a MICR font

How to upload a MICR font to Oracle Cloud BI reporting.

User Compare Roles to List Security Artifacts/Privileges

How to list the privileges/artifacts that comprise a role

Using HDL USER business object to activate a USER/List of Users

How to use the HR Data Loader (HDL) to Activate/Deactivate users.

Worklist Access for Oracle Workflow Notifications

You may grant someone short-term or "permanent" access to your Oracle Workflow items. This can be useful if you are out on vacation or other long-term leave and for individuals who need to track a PTF or other item through the approval process, when they are not the initiator/approver of the item.