Worklist Access for Oracle Workflow Notifications

  1. Log on to Oracle at in Internet Explorer.
  2. Locate the TIP links under the Worklist table in the center of the Home page.
  3. Click the Worklist Access link.
  4. To grant access to another user, choose the Grant Worklist Access button.
    • Select a user.
    • Enter an optional description.
    • Specify the start date when the user can begin accessing the worklist.
    • Specify an end date or leave the end date blank to grant access indefinitely.
  5. To update the start and end dates of a user's access period, select the Update icon for that user and enter your changes.
  6. To delete a user from the list, select the Delete icon for that user. The user will no longer have access, even if the user's access status was previously active.

Note: When deleting a user, the record of the user's access no longer appears in your Worklist Access page. To keep this record for reference, set the end date to end the user's access, rather than deleting the user.

  1. Click Apply.

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