Student Information System (Ellucian Colleague WebUI)


Colleague is made up of different mnemonics which are codes that are used to gain access to specific menus, screens, and functions. Each user is set up with an account making Colleague unique to that user.

  • WebUI is the web version of this application and is only available to those on the campus or on the network. Colleague is also available through the web
  • WebAdvisor is the student user-interface of TWU’s student information system (works best in Internet Explorer).
  • Self-Service is an updated student user-interface of TWU's student information system (works best in Chrome).
    • Student Planning
      • helps plan and track coursework
      • provides program progress tracking
    • Student Self-Service
      • is the entry point to Student Planning, Student Finance, To-Do-Lists, Grades, and more
      • will be the entry point to Self-Service Financial Aid

In addition to primary support with Ellucian Colleague WebUI, Enterprise Applications can provide support to meet the unique requirements of a TWU department, group, or business organization--whether the need is a minor adjustment to the existing software or the implementation of a new product, new screen/form, report, or process.

IT Solutions team of highly experienced developers supports multiple systems and applications.  When the Ellucian Colleague Student System's "out of the box" software cannot meet the unique requirements of a TWU department, group, or business organization, IT Solutions team can assist, whether the need is an adjustment to the existing software or the implementation of a new screen, report, process, or module.

The range of custom application development projects includes:

  • Implementation of packaged applications
  • Integration of systems
  • Ground-up software design and development
  • Application adjustment, such as configuration changes and code writing

Custom application development process may include:

  • Comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business requirements
  • Preparation of design specifications
  • Initial design concept
  • Programming
  • Testing/validation
  • Client support (training and support materials)
  • Ongoing development and management of systems, including operational support, upgrades, and enhancements

Getting started

Requesting Access

  1. Complete the mandatory FERPA training
  2. Request a Colleague Account 
  3. Access Colleague 
  4. Request specific mnemonics for Colleague by clicking Request Service on this page (supervisor should submit the request)

Navigating to the Systems


Contact the Technology Service Desk at, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

Who can use it

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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