Colleague-Using GROS Grade Roster

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Using the GROS (Grade Roster) Mnemonic


The staff member must have Colleague Mnemonic GROS available through the ST- Student System.


The Grade Roster (GROS) mnemonic provides the course section roster with the final grade.

Log into Colleague (this documentation uses Colleague WebUI located at web addresses (LIVE) (TEST).

Username: Login with your Portal username.

Password: Login with your Portal password.

Go to Apps à ST and navigate to the mnemonic



1.    On the Menu Bar select NAVIGATION, ST for the Student Application, AC to expand the Academic Records section, GRD to expand the Grading section and then GROS for the Grade Roster mnemonic.

Enter GROS in the Form Search field and press the Search button.

The parameters for the screen are as follows:

Print Request Only

-      N (provides final grade)

-      Y (provides roster without the grade

Course Sections: enter the term, subject and course number (i.e. 14/FA MATH 1303) press tab. 

A listing of the course sections available for the term and course entered will appear. 

Multiple course sections can be selected or the Select All check box can be checked.

Click the Open button

If multiple course sections were selected, they will be entered into the Course Sections.

-      For the example, 10, 14/FA MATH 1303 sections were selected

Term: a term can be entered but is not necessary if the course sections were entered

Click Save All

Click Save All for the Sort Definition

Enter H for Hold to display the Report on your desktop.

Click the Save All button

Click the save all button

If the Close automatically when complete checkbox is not checked, the Finish button will have to be clicked.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.