NetSupport School - Show / Exhibit Student Screen

To show a student's screen

  1. Select the student screen to show to the other student(s).
  2. Right click the student icon and click show 
  3. Click Exhibit this Student.
  4. The Exhibit Client dialog will be displayed. By default, all students are selected. To exclude a student from the Exhibit, click the yellow circle in front of the student. 
  5. Set the show mode to be used at the student screens (Full Screen, Windowed or Maximize Window). When using full screen mode, the student(s) keyboard and mouse are locked. When showing in windowed (additional window) and maximized window size, the student's mouse and keyboard are not locked.
  6. Optional: Check to enable audio support. This will enable sound at the student station (using headphones) and the instructor station (using headphones or classroom audio speakers). 
  7. Click Exhibit to start the show.
  8. The selected student's screen will then be displayed on the screens of the instructor and the other student(s). Only the instructor and the exhibiting student will be able to change the screen.

Switching between full screen and windowed mode at the Instructor

While the Show is in progress, the exhibited screen appears 'Windowed' at the instructor. The instructor can switch to 'Full Screen' mode. While in full screen mode, a floating toolbar appears.

To switch between Full Screen and Windowed mode

Select Full Screen from the toolbar.

To return to Windowed mode, click the Windowed icon in the upper left toolbar.

Suspend or stop the exhibit

The instructor can choose to end the exhibit or temporarily suspend it. The Suspend feature can toggle on/off. While suspended, the instructor and/or student can prepare a new demonstration in the background. The previously exhibited screen remains on the other student(s) screens until the exhibit is resumed.

To suspend the exhibit

  1. On the toolbar click Suspend.
  2. While suspended, the instructor and Exhibiting student can work in the background. The other student(s) screens remain frozen.
  3. To resume the exhibit click Suspend.

To stop the exhibit

On the toolbar click Stop.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.