NetSupport School - Show to Students

To Show an Instructor screen

  1. Click Show icon at the top.

  2. The NetSupport School - Show dialog will appear. 

  3. NetSupport School will identify if the instructor is running multiple monitors, giving the instructor the option to choose which one to show from the drop-down list. If unsure which the correct screen is, click Identify. Alternatively, select Whole Desktop to show all monitors.

  4. By default, all students are selected. To remove student(s), click the yellow circle in front of the student(s) to deselect. 

  5. Instructors can check the following options:

    • Instructors can check Restrict Internet access to approved sites only during show. 

    • Set Show Mode at Client option allows the instructor to show at the student workstation either in a windowed (additional window), full screen, or maximized window size. When using full screen mode, the student(s) keyboard and mouse are locked. When showing in windowed (additional window) and maximized window size, the student's mouse and keyboard are not locked.

    • Instructors can check Enable Audio so that students can listen (using headphones) to audio playing from the instructor machine. 

  6. Click Show.

  7. The instructor desktop will be displayed to all connected Students.

To end the Show

  1. Double click the NetSupport School Tutor icon on the desktop.
  2. This will display the Show Suspended dialog.
  3. Click End.

Show Leader

While the instructor screen is being shown to students, it may be appropriate for a student to take over the demonstration. For this purpose, the instructor can assign Show Leader status to a selected student. The mouse and keyboard of the Show Leader's PC are unlocked and they can continue the presentation on the instructor's behalf.

The instructor can still interact simultaneously with the Show Leader and can suspend or end the session as required.

To create a Show Leader

  1. Start showing the instructor screen to students. 
  2. When ready to create a Show Leader, double click the NetSupport School icon. 
  3. This will display the Show Suspended dialog and the Show will be suspended. Student screens will still display the instructor screen. Click Show Leader.
  4. The Show Leader dialog will be displayed.Click This Client and select the student to make Show Leader.
    Note: The Show Leader will have full access to the instructor desktop.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The message 'You are leading the Show' will appear at the selected student machine.
  7. Click Resume to restart the Show.

The Show Leader and instructor can now interact together in leading the Show.

Note: To remove the Show Leader, click Show Leader in the Show Suspend dialog and select None.Click OK. Click Resume to continue the show with the instructor as the leader. 

Instructors can show a student screen to other students using Exhibit. See NetSupport School - Show Student Screen.

Link List

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.