NetSupport School Overview

NetSupport School allows instructors to monitor, collaborate, and control features of student stations in a computer classroom setting. Instructors can control which websites or programs can be accessed during class. See detailed instructions about NetSupport School features.

Denton Classrooms:

ASB 105
ASB 211
CFO 101
CFO 103
CFO 105
MCL 309
MCL 311
MCL 411
OMB 401
PH 104
PH 105

Dallas Classrooms: 

Houston Classrooms: 

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The Show, Exhibit and View features provide a useful annotate tool that can be used to highlight areas of an instructor or student’s screen in order to emphasize a key learning point.
Instructors can determine if an application is approved or restricted in NetSupport School.
Instructors can determine if a website is approved or restricted in NetSupport School.
NetSupport School allows the instructor to use audible communications to connected students, via microphones, headphones and speakers during View and Show.
Instructors have the option to blank all student screens simultaneously.
Using NetSupport School instructors can chat with any number of connected students simultaneously. Chat is two-way communication between instructors and students, or student to student.
NetSupport School is available in computer classrooms to enhance instructor / student interaction, as well as providing monitoring capabilities for the instructor.
When instructors use groups, they can utilize features for that group only. Features include interactive whiteboard, show, scan, view, exhibit, and audio.
NetSupport School Group feature allows the instructor to determine groups by specific, random, or student selection. When students are grouped the instructor can show, scan, message, or chat with a particular group of students.
NetSupport School gives students the option to request help from an instructor.
A full screen interactive whiteboard is provided, enabling the instructor to use NetSupport School’s annotation tools to highlight the screen and show the results to a selected group of students.
When instructors perform a Show, the students’ mice and keyboards are automatically locked. Instructors can lock students’ keyboards and mice at any time.
Monitor mode enables the instructor to view multiple student screens simultaneously. A convenient thumbnail view of each connected student screen is displayed at the instructor station, providing a quick and easy method for monitoring student activity. While in Monitor mode, the instructor still has access to the full range of NetSupport School features such as View, Lock, Show, or Chat.
Instructors can launch a website on all connected student machines.
Instructors have the option to reboot or log out a student machine.
During a View session, the instructor can copy the content of the clipboard between instructor and student PCs.
The Scan function enables instructors to cycle through each connected student in turn, displaying its screen on the instructor station. It is an alternative to viewing multiple students in scaled windows, which may cause their screens to be unreadable. Multiple student screens can also be scanned in one Scan window.
Screen Capture enables the instructor to take a snapshot of the current student screen while viewing or scanning and allows the instructor to save the current screen contents to a file. The machine name, student name, date, time and product name will also be recorded on the screen capture when saved.
With NetSupport School, messages can be sent to all connected students or the currently selected students. If the same message is sent on a regular basis, up to four pre-defined messages can be stored.
NetSupport School allows instructors to share a computer screen to a number of connected students. It is also possible to show an individual student's screen on selected or all students' screens. For example, student 1 has produced some work that the instructor would like to show to other student(s) in the class.
The Student Toolbar provides feedback to the student on the current lesson, time remaining, current websites and applications that are available, the status of print, audio and keyboard monitoring and quick access to initiate a Chat session and request help. It can be set to be always visible at the top of the Student screen or to auto-hide.
The instructor has the option to share an application on their screen with specific student(s) using the Show Application feature.
The Show feature enables the instructor to display their screen to a selected student or group of students. Instructors can also show an audio file or video, or an application that is currently running at the instructor station. The instructor can nominate a selected student to take over the demonstration by making them the Show Leader.
Instructors can poll students using the Student Surveys feature.Instructors create questions and use pre-defined or custom answers. Instructors have the option to keep the results private or share with the students.
The Student Toolbar may be visible students. Features include available websites and applications (if instructor has limited), access to available websites and applications, as well as a chat and help features.
Surveys can be re-used by adding them to a Survey list. Instructors can create a list of survey questions using Notepad. The file can be imported into NetSupport School.
Instructors have option to view and control student machine functions. The student’s screen will be displayed in a window on the instructor workstation.
Instructors can view, save, and print the application history for any or all connected students.
Instructors can view, save, and print the web history for any or all connected students.