NetSupport School - Help Requests

​Note: The Student Toolbar must be enabled for students to request help by clicking on the Help request icon. For information see NetSupport School - Student Toolbar.

To request help

  1. Click the Help Request icon in the Student toolbar.
  2. The Message dialog box appears. Type message / request to instructor (student must type a message in order to send the alert to the instructor). 
    Optional: In the Alert Teacher dropdown, select Work complete, Need help, or Urgent Help. *
  3. Click OK. The help request will be sent to the instructor.

*Note: The Student window will change color to reflect what alert has been raised; green for Work complete, amber for Need help and red for Urgent Help.

Any outstanding help requests will be visible to the instructor with a Help Request icon displayed next to the student icon. This will show until that help request has been cleared.

To display and address current help requests

  1. Click School
  2. Click Help Requests . The Help Request window will open and list the requests. 
  3. Click a student name to assist.
  4. Click View Client or Chat.
    Note: Selecting View Client displays the student machine screen to the instructor. When the instructor closes the window, the help request is still active. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to Chat with the student or clear the request (see step 6). 
    Click Chat to open a chat session. Instructors can add other students by clicking Invite
  5. Once the help request has been dealt with, right click on the Student's icon and select Clear Help. To clear all help requests, click the Clear All icon in the Help Request window. 

Link List

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.