NetSupport School - Chat with Students

Chat with Students

  1. Select the student or group of students for a chat session. If a student icon is not selected, all connected students will be included.
  2. Click Chat
  3. The Create Discussion dialog box will appear. The Create Discussion dialog has the following options

Optional: enter a title or description for the subject to be discussed in the chat session. This will appear in the title bar of the chat window that is displayed at the student machines. If left blank, the word instructor will appear.

Members can decline to join
If checked, a message will appear at the students machine displaying an invitation to join the chat session. There will be an option to join or decline.
Members cannot leave the chat
If checked, the option for students to leave the chat session will be removed.
Chat Window is always visible
If checked, the chat window remains on the students’ desktop for the duration of the chat session. Members cannot minimize the window.

To exclude students from the Chat session, deselect the mark next to the student name.

  1. Click OK.

The Chat Window

  • This window is displayed at each participating member’s machine and lists the progress of the chat session.
  • Only the instructor or Group Leader can add or remove students from the session.
  • Unless the option is disabled in the Chat Properties dialog, Students can choose to leave the session.

The following options are available from the Chat Window:

Chat Menu
The content of a Chat session can be stored for future reference.
Choose Save As to create a file containing the text or choose Copy to be able to paste the Chat content into another application or file.
Each message is restricted to 128 characters. Check Auto Send long message to automatically send the message when the limit is reached.

Window Menu
Only the instructor's Chat window will have a window drop-down menu. This menu enables the ability to swap between opened screens or tile them.

Chat Progress
The main body of the Chat window is used to record the progress of a Chat session. It holds details of members who have joined or left the discussion, as well as the messages that have been sent by each member.

Send Message
Type comments here and press Enter or click Send. Each message is restricted to 128 characters. To automatically send the message when the limit is reached, see the Chat section above.
Note: Emoticons can be included within the message.
Ends the Chat session.

Members currently included in the Chat session are listed here. The instructor can add or remove students from the Chat session as needed. Unless disabled, students have the option to leave the session of their own accord.

The Create Discussion dialog is initially used to select the students to include/exclude from the Chat session. To add students when the Chat session is in progress, click 
Invite. The Add Members dialog will appear, select the required students and click Add. To send a copy of the Chat progress to new members check the Send discussion history box.
Note: Students that have been removed or have decided to leave the Chat session can be invited back.

To remove students from the Chat session, select the student in the Members list and click Eject. Ejected students can be invited back into the session if required.

• Students can also initiate Chat sessions by opening the student main window and clicking Chat on the Student Toolbar.
• By default, the student can only Chat to the instructor. However, the instructor can enable the option for students to Chat with each other by clicking View and then click Current Settings, click User Interface - Student and check Student to Student Chat.

Chat with a student while viewing
  1. Click Chat on the toolbar.
  2. The Chat window will appear on the instructor and student workstation.
  3. To end Chat click Close.

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.