IT Solutions for Working Remotely

TWU Computers & Printers

  • Employees working from off campus must fill out the Form Equipment Loan or Transfer to Out of Office Location in the Oracle iAssets - User Documentation
  • The supervisor must sign the completed form. 
  • The completed form should be emailed to both and
  • The individual who will use the device MUST have logged on to the device at least once on campus BEFORE the device is removed or they will not be able to log on at home.
  • Macs must be serviced by IT Solutions BEFORE they are removed.
  • TWU desktop computers are not equipped for WiFi. There are three options for connecting to your home network:
    • Take home the Ethernet cable from your office to connect to your home router.
    • Contact the Service Desk to get a free 10-ft Ethernet cable. 
    • Speak with your department about purchasing a WiFi adapter so that you can connect wirelessly to your home network.
  • PRINTERS: The department is responsible for tracking the state asset and ensuring its return to the university. IT is unable to support the setup and installation of printers off-campus and on personal devices.

Returning a device to work? Email to let them know.

Personal Computer Usage

If you do not have a TWU-issued laptop, you may use a personal computer. Make sure your computer is up-to-date:

Explore File Storage and Sharing Options: Google Drive vs. X-Drive vs. OneDrive

Export your bookmarks: Chrome | Firefox | Safari


VPN/DUO & Remote Desktop

VPN Application Usage

Request VPN (Off-Site Network Connection) Access

Connecting to TWU VPN with Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication

VPN performance can be impacted by bandwidth available through your home internet. Try to limit connections to data-heavy sites (e.g. Netflix, online gaming ,etc.) to maximize performance of VPN.

Additionally, videoconference tools don't work well on VPN and WILL NOT work when connected to Remote Desktop.

Best practice is to use VPN when you need it, then disconnect and use the cloud-based apps, then return to VPN when needed.

Troubleshooting VPN: Why is my VPN connection so slow?

Remote Desktop (RDP)

Reasons you might need to connect to your remote (TWU) desktop after connecting to VPN:

  • Files saved to a hard drive (e.g. C:\, desktop, downloads, My Documents, etc.) other than on X: drive or Google Drive.
  • Software installed on a hard drive that is not installed on the remote device (e.g. Adobe Creative, SPSS, etc.)
  • Any applications that directly access a TWU database.
  • Any database application, such as Microsoft Access or FoxPro.
  • Accessing very large files directly from X: drive

For assistance with Remote Desktop, see Connecting to a TWU desktop from off campus.

Your remote desktop has to be powered on & and you have to have rights to access it.

See the Configuring Remote Desk Connection (RDC) for multiple monitors knowledge base article.

Print with VPN/Remote Desktop

  • Using cloud-based services on your remote device (e.g. email or Canvas), you can print to a local printer.
  • Likewise, if using VPN, you should be able to print to a local printer if it is connected through a cable. However, if it connected wirelessly, you won't be able to send files to print while connected to VPN.
  • Using Remote Desktop, however, you won't be able to print to a local printer. You could instead save the file to the X:\ or Google Drive and switch back to your local desktop to print.

Using remote desktop? Be sure to close it out and disconnect VPN before you log off/shutdown your local device!

Troubleshooting Remote Desktop

  • Most of the time, waiting a couple of minutes and then disconnecting and reconnecting to VPN, then to Remote Desktop will resolve this issue.
  • Power outages can cause your at-work machine to turn off, which means someone has to physically turn it back on for you to connect.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing works best with a webcam and/or headset with microphone. Departments are allowed to purchase webcams using purchase cards. IT Solutions does not maintain webcams or headsets to loan. Texas Woman’s IT Solutions supports a number of collaboration solutions.

There are limitations and advantages to all technology solutions. We encourage you to test each solution to find what works best for your needs.

Instructors: Teaching & Learning with Technology are your go-to resource for transitioning to online instruction. See Create and View Panopto Recordings in Canvas

Types of Meeting & Recommended Solutions

Not sure how to get started with virtual collaboration? Check out these Best Practices for Virtual Engagements put together by the SACC Training & Development subcommittee.

Collaborate with Google

12 Tips for Video Conferencing While You Work From Home


TWU has implemented RingCentral, the new telephony and unified communications platform on all three campuses. RingCentral is a fully cloud-based unified communication solution that provides both traditional telephony services, as well as modern features and capabilities necessary to foster and enable collaboration.

To explore RingCentral features, check out the RingCentral knowledge base articles. To learn more about RingCentral, please refer to RingCentral Getting Started and RingCentral Fax, Text, Message, Contacts, Video Bridge courses.

LinkedIn Learning

TWU offers a free subscription to all faculty, staff, and students to LinkedIn Learning, a professional video tutorial service. There are specific LinkedIn Learning Sign In instructions using your TWU Pioneer Portal username and password.

LinkedIn Learning suggested courses about Hybrid and Remote Work


Worried about space in your email? This is a chance to start with a clean inbox.) There are several ways to free up space. Stuck on Outlook? No worries. You can create an Outlook Data File or set up archiving rules to store older messages and items that you don’t use regularly. Just be sure to archive to the X drive or G (Google) drive so that you actually free up space in your Outlook.

Note: You'll need to use Outlook client version to create Outlook Data File or archive messages.

Another option is to Print Email or Website Information to PDF. If Google Drive for Desktop is installed, the pdfs can be saved directly to Google Drive both My Drive and Shared drives.

Public Folder access

Note: adding public folders to Favorites through OWA will add the folders to your Favorites the Outlook desktop application.

Tech Telecommuting Questions & Answers

I need to scan a document but I do not have access to a scanner.

Download the free Adobe Scan app to your mobile device via Google Play or App Store. Documents will be scanned into a PDF file and automatically recognizes text. See Adobe Scan Mobile Help

I am unable to sign an Adobe Acrobat form using the digital signature field.
  1. Save the form to your desktop
  2. Open the form in Adobe Reader DC (download Adobe Reader DC here)
  3. Sign the form digitally (follow these steps to create a new digital ID)

Note: Adobe acrobat forms cannot be signed through your browser.

SQL Reports and Oracle access from home

  1. Open Cisco AnyConnect (may be visible in the tray {up arrow} in the lower right corner of your computer)
  2. Connect to with your TWU username and password
  3. Verify request on your phone in DUO mobile app
  • Use any browser for SQL Reports (type in or go to and select SQL Reports from the top menu)
  • Use any browser for Oracle (type in or go to and select Oracle eBusiness from the top menu)

How can I store information, create content, access files on Google?

How can I get Microsoft Office on my personal computer/laptop?
  • TWU faculty, staff and students can download and install Office 365 for free on up to 5 devices.

How can I access NVIVO at home?
  • NVIVO Access - contact the TWU Technology Service Desk for assistance 940 898 3971

How can I get SPSS at home?

Faculty Dashboard

Staff Dashboard

If you need assistance, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or visit

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